We are Happy to Announce....

If you guessed that we are expecting again then you are right. We are so happy to be having baby #7 to our family of pink and kaiden. I am 15 weeks and have yet to visit the doctor. I will be making an appointment soon. Kaiden is really counting on a brother to counter the estrogen in this house. We will soon see. Flynt says I might as well wait until I am 16 weeks and then we could find out what the baby is. Flynt is pretty confident that we are having twin boys. Wow that would be alot of fun and super hard for the first year or two then just enjoyable. Well there you have it. It has been well over a year since my last post. So this is it until next update. LUVZ :)


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Trip to Cali and Disneyland.

People in California were so nice to us. We usually get looks of pure disdain and disgust, when we take our huge family anywhere. Really we do but everyone in California would say the kindest things. It was very empowering. We went to Anaheim for Flynt business meetings for a little over a week. So me and 6 kids on a hotel room sound like a blast right? We really had fun. Every morning we would get up eat a lovely hotel breakfast. Which my kids thought was awesome. Then we would head back to our room get dressed to swim and wait for Karlee to take a nap (in the stroller). We would then trek it down to the pool and spend depending in the day 3-4 hours of swimming. My kids are part fish like their dad. Don't get me wrong I like the water but I wasn't born with gills like they are. I have to force them out of the pool to got get lunch usually this was around 1 or 2 pm. We would get ready for the day and either watch the Disney channel ( we don't have cable so this is a REAL treat to my kids) or we would go on adventure walks (finding many snails and slug) we found a mall one of the days and went to the movie. Bought some T-Shirts for Disneyland. Flynt would come "home" and then we would head to the beach. Because of the gills in my family, this was their favorite part of our trip they found many creature friends and loved the waves. m0re to come.... I need to put kids to bed.


Holly the Writer

Holly likes to write poems and stories. She asked me to post this on my blog! I love her! Here is a poem she wrote. I think she is pretty talented.

The Smith Family
by:Holly M. Smith

I have a family
It means so much to me

I have a brother
and there isn't another
He's Kaiden!

I have a sister
who had a blister
She's Brooke!

I have one that's a monkey
and always acts funky
She's Kayme!

There is another
who cries when she leaves her mother
She's Rachel!

One is super cute
Doesn't have volume mute
She's Karlee!

I have a Mom and Dad
and I'm glad!

My name is Holly
and I like being jolly!

So now you know my family
That means so much to me!



In true SJ brower fashion we have to try out several houses before we are happy. We moved to a beautiful new home in SJ but with more room. It is on 1 acre of land. I am loving it! Now that the boxes have "mostly" cleared. I have been able to sit and enjoy its beauty. We plan on getting a sprinkler system in as well as grass by the end of this month. Our other house...aka the old house is still ours and we are getting it ready to sale. Any one looking to buy a house? I will post pic of both eventually! haha hey just be happy i posted.



This is Karlee just moments after she enter into our Family of PINK!!! She is a sweet little girl weighing in at 7lbs 9oz, 20inches long!! We are in LOVE with this tiny addition.


8 Days and Counting!!!

I am really excited for the 8th of September. I have a Doc apt on Friday the 4th and am hoping to have a time that we will induce on the 8th. I was hoping to have this little bundle of cuteness on my moms birthday which is the 9th ( what an awesome birthdate 9/9/09) but my Doc has 3 c-sections on that day and the hospital won't schedule my induction as well so we are going for the 8th. I am excited to get this sweet baby out and start healing from my injury. Wish me luck!! HAHA...that always kills me.